Oranum Review

Oranum is pretty new to the United States, although they have been around for several years in Poland or Budapest (I’m not sure which yet) where their headquarters are located. Oranum has some unique features that you won’t find in the other psychic networks on the market today. The site offers chat readings, email readings, and webcam readings. The customer service however is lacking and the psychic screening is seemingly non-existent (Prove me wrong Oranum!).

Services Offered

The special thing about Oranum is that you can see the psychic that you are speaking to on a webcam if you so choose. You don’t have to have a microphone, because your questions can be answered in the chat box, but if you do have one, and choose too, you can speak to the psychic as well. Services offered include horoscopes, free psychic chat and email readings.


The site offers something else that is pretty unique. You can chat all you want in the psychic chat rooms. The per minute pricing doesn’t start until you start wanting real answers to your questions, so be prepared to pay once you do. The psychics set their own fees and you can pay by either direct debit, credit, debit card or you can pay by phone. Some psychics run deals where they charge 99 cents per minute, making it one of the cheapest networks out there today.

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Psychic Screening

Many of the psychics on Oranum offered spells and curses, which in my opinion are not something that should freely be offered to the public. They say that they have a stringent testing system before psychics are brought on board, but you still have to weed through to find a good psychic that can truly help you. The process is said to have gotten stricter with the psychics going through an interview and testing process as well. At any rate, if you go to the homepage, the featured psychics are usually very talented.


Oranum offers us a look at what the future holds for psychic networks with its psychic webcam chat feature. The price seems to be right if you look search through the categories and find a psychic that offers cheaper rates.


  • The webcam feature is definitely a plus for the site and nowhere else has the feature
  • Some of the rates are cheaper than other psychic networks making it number one in that regard
  • The ability to chat for free with the psychics in chat rooms is nice as well


  • The psychic screening is said to be lacking, but some say that it has gotten more stringent
  • Some psychics offer spells and curses, which makes me uncomfortable
  • Customer service is rumored to be unresponsive and only by email