PrivatePsychic Review

There is not much information available out there on the Private Psychic Network. The website says that the network is a relatively new company with over 10 years of psychic experience. They specialize in the web, advanced technology, communications and marketing. While for my taste this seems a little too technological for a psychic network, the fact that they use webcams for readings may just be their saving grace. The site is the first psychic cam to cam website of its kind and will of course attract a ton of people wanting readings, and wanting to try something new. Does the Private Psychic Network make the grade? Read on to find out.

Services Offered

The website says that they offer readings in astrology, psychic abilities, and automatic writing, Pendulum, and tarot cards. They also offer dream interpretation, magical rituals, numerology, and ruins. Readings are available via webcam, and you can chat for free in the chat forums to get to know a psychic before you choose to pay them.


You can chat with the psychics in the live chat forum for as long as you like; however, in order to get a private psychic reading via webcam you will have to purchase a package of tokens. These are groups of tokens that you can use immediately upon purchase. I could find nowhere on the website where it said how much these tokens cost. However, it did say that the higher the package price, the lower the price per minutes would be.
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Psychic Screening

Again from the FAQ on the website it seems that there is no psychic screening process at all. You don’t have to have any experience to work for the Private Psychics Network, just fill out an application, fill in your profile, and from the looks of things you are able to start right away, which translates to if you want to be a psychic then this site will hire you to do readings.


The only information I was able to find on the Private Psychic Network was on the sites FAQ page. It seems that the majority of their readings are done by live psychics on webcams, there are also HD webcam sessions as well. The rate per minute wasn’t anywhere that I could find, and they do readings once you purchase a package of tokens. If you are looking for a webcam reading, this is the way to go; other than that it’s not very impressive. The site also makes sure that people wanting readings know that they are a site for mature people only.


  • Webcam readings
  • You can buy a package of tokens, instead of paying by the minute
  • Free chat room so that you get to know the psychics before hand


  • No email, phone, or chat readings
  • Psychics are not screened at all
  • No prices on the website of packages or price per minute