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I had a question about my love life and I wasn’t sure if my new boyfriend was my soulmate. I called psychics for a phone reading, then a chat consultation. He was on the spot about being a cheater. He even told me who he would cheat with. I tried local palm readers from the classified ads but it all felt like a show. At Keen, you actually get to really know your psychic through long periods of talking together. I also like their pricing model. They’re some of the lowest prices on the market I’ve seen. is the place to go for ALL of your psychic readings. video review by Jules


Hi everyone, so today I’ll be redoing a review of the psychic network. So I’ve been using the Psychic network for about 6-7 months now and I can say I cannot be happier with the advice that I,ve been given.

I actually had 2 readings done last night. Its crazy how spot on the psychic was. You know she talked about stuff that I had never told anyone, so it was kind of amazing how she knew these things.

The thing that I love the most about is that it has so much to offer. There’s love advice, there’s dream interpration, there’s tarot cards, astrology readings…

Anybody can become a psychic on the site. Some people may not like that, but to be honest I’ve never had a problem with that. In all the months I’ve been using it, all the psychics that I’ve come across have been super insightful. Just wonderful and helpful you know? I’ve learned alot about myself and the people around me.

I would personnaly recommend for anyone that’s just looking for great psychic advice. I can say that I’m super super happy that I chose to be a member of Keen.

I would definitely give 2 thumbs and hope you enjoy! Review is a popular psychic network.  It boasts a few thousand active psychics and was featured as one of the best psychic networks of 2013. What makes Keen so unique (and can also be its biggest drawback) is the fact that anyone can become a psychic on their network.  There is no real screening process.

Some people call a scam, while others have sworn that they have found truly gifted psychics that could offer them clarity.  Either way, the question remains: Can the psychic network help you?

Services Offered

Psychic Readings offered by

Here’s a breakdown of what the people over at have to offer :

You can reach psychics either live webcam chat, by phone or email.  Be sure to read their profile to find out what type of readings they offer.
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There is no fixed rate for private readings.  Psychics set their own rates.  The higher end psychics can charge up to $20 per minute while some of the lesser known psychics will only ask for $0.99 per minute for a private reading.  Read each profile and search for reviews of any psychic before spending your hard earned money on him/her. does offer 3 free minutes to new users.  Be sure to take advantage of their offer.

Psychic Screening

There is none.  Anyone can setup a profile as a psychic.

In my experience, as well as what other users of the network seem to say, this has got to be the biggest drawback to using  Due diligence is a must before asking for a private reading.  Luckily, the site has a great community and usually the bad psychics are exposed quickly.  Read the reviews and you should be fine.


If you’re not afraid to dig through a plethora of psychics and services to find the right psychic advisor for you, then Keen is a viable option for you. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of researching who you’re going to consult with, we recommend you go with another recommended site.


  • Variable Pricing
  • Wide Selection of Psychics and Types of Readings
  • Good Live Chat Platform
  • Up to a $25 refund for unhappy customers
  • Large and Active Community


  • No Screening Process
  • Finding a good psychic is hit or miss

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