Hollywood Psychics Review

Hollywood Psychics has a different feel to it than other psychic networks online today do. Visiting the site has a casual feel and it’s almost as if they are putting on a sales promotion instead of telling you about their services. The site is more geared towards women and is basically for getting psychic readings about relationships and sex. The site is playful, so it’s a little hard to take what they are selling seriously in this reviewer’s opinion. The site is relatively new so it remains to be seen just how good they will turn out to be. Hollywood Psychics gives readings by phone and chat reading. They also provide free email readings as well to new customers and their psychics will respond in 48 hours.

Services Offered

The site has a good of reading types, although they are a little small. The categories offered are sex and relationships, work and money, family and friends, and mind-body-spirit. You need to make sure that you check the type of reading the psychic you choose offers, because some of them only offer one kind: either chat or phone.
The site also offers daily horoscopes and advice articles on their website.

You can reach psychics either live webcam chat, by phone or email.  Be sure to read their profile to find out what type of readings they offer.


The price per minute varies with the expertise of the psychic that you choose in the search feature. Most prices seem to be from $2.95 to $4.95 a minute. First time users get three minutes free, they can also get a free email reading; you simply send in your question and a psychic will get back to you with an answer in 48 hours. New members also get a dollar per minute discount when they first sign up.
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Psychic Screening

While there is a great deal available about the psychics on the website, there is no concrete record of the process of how they screen their psychics. The process is said to be stringent. From looking at the FAQ’s for psychic applicants it looks like you have to put in an application, give a psychic reading to a team member, and then a second reading to a current psychic of the team.


Reviews for Hollywood Psychics are glowingly positive. Aside from the fact that the site has very few categories to offer and seems to have a girlish quality about it, the prices per minute for the psychics are the best out there at the moment and the site has a clean refreshing appeal to it.


  • Prices per minute are inexpensive and reasonable
  • A guarantee feature that allows the client to end a reading at any time for whatever reason.
  • Customer service is said to be amazing
  • Free email reading for new customers


  • Small amount of categories to choose from
  • Very little information on psychic screenings
  • Girlish quality is a little off putting to some customers
  • The site seem to be a little to sales oriented