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If you have life questions that you just can’t seem to answer on your own, and you don’t want to wait for an available psychic to call you back or an email to be sent, then you may want to try out the LivePerson psychic network. This site has been around since 1995 and has experts in a variety of businesses. People from the fields of finance, education, business, tutoring and many more offer their services in one of the markets largest psychic networks to date. LivePerson actually has thousands of psychics available to choose from. If you are a lover of IM chatting then this is the site for you. There are also no wait times because it’s the middle of the night, the site employs psychics from all over the world. The question remains however, is LivePerson the right connection for you?

Services Offered

Since the site has such a vast array of psychics available, you would expect that they would have tons of psychic readings offered. You won’t be disappointed, if that is what you were thinking. Services offered range from crystal to aura readings to palm readings and career forecasts. You can also get readings on finances, love and relationships and even graphology is available.
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The psychics on LivePerson set their own price per minute, with some charging $15 per minute. In my opinion that is a little high and not nearly as inexpensive as other sites on the web. If you use the search option however, you can find psychics with good feedback that charge under $10 and some that even charge under $5 a minute for a reading.

New users are offered three minutes free, but only after you register to use the site. After you join if you are using the spirituality and religion section then the first three minutes are always free, at least in that section.

Psychic Screening

This is where LivePerson gets a little dicey. With the thousands of psychics they have on board there is no screening process at all, which means that anyone can work there who just wants to make a little money.

The saving grace is that evaluations are posted for each psychic; so if you search for one make sure to read the evaluations by the customers. Some psychics have over 10,000 user reviews on their profile.


LivePerson has thousands of psychics to choose from which can be a little confusing to some users. However, if you are in the middle of a crisis and need advice fast, the live chat can be a great way to go. The prices are a little high for my liking, but if you dig through the available psychics then you should be able to find a good one.


  • Thousands of psychics to choose from
  • Live chat via IM
  • Many different types of readings
  • The ability to choose your psychic and read user reviews
  • Three minutes free on every call in the spirituality and religion section


  • So many psychics to choose from can be confusing
  • Some of the prices per minute are too high
  • Any psychic can come to work there, there is no psychic screening

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Kelly Ashland

Kelly Ashland is an expert psychic adviser and psychic enthusiast. She has worked for many psychic networks and has helped over 5000 people with private psychic readings.